Legal Disclaimers

1. SASY Business Development Association is not a member, committee, or undertaking of, or otherwise affiliated with the SASY Neighborhood Association, Inc.

2. Donations made to the SASY Business Development Association that are specified as donations to the SASY Business Development Association, rather than to the Support Jenny Street campaign, are not eligible for a refund. If a donor does not select a designation option when donating, it will be assumed to be designate for the Support Jenny Street campaign until February 1, 2020, and will be eligible for a refund.

3. Money designated for the Support Jenny Street campaign may be used to support Jenifer Street Market in one of the following ways:

   a) Prior to Dec. 16, 2019, funds will supplement their bid to purchase 2038 Jenifer St. during the receivership process.

   b) After Dec. 16, 2019, should 2038 Jenifer St. be owned by another party, funds will be used to supplement the position of Jenifer Street Market when negotiating with the new owner of the parcel for space to operate Jenifer Street Market. 

   c) To assist in fulfilling obligations, imposed or implied by the developer, city, county, state, or other entity as a condition of maintaining the location of Jenifer Street Market within 0.5 miles of its current location.

   d) To alleviate the financial burden placed on any owner or officer of the Jennifer Street Market by virtue of their participation in the process of trying to remain in operation in their current or other location within 0.5 miles of the current location.

   e) To assist with any expenses related to opening in a new Jenifer Street Market location within 0.5 miles of the current location (2038 Jenifer Street, Madison, WI 53704).

4. Jenifer Street Market may do the following without forfeiting their right to funds raised during the Support Jenny Street campaign:

   a) Change the location to any location within 0.5 miles of the current location (2038 Jenifer Street, Madison, WI 53704).

   b) Change the name of the business

   c) Hire or fire any person for any reason  

   d) Sell interest in the company worth not more than 30% of the company.

5. Jennifer Street Market may not do the following without forfeiting their right to funds raised in the Support Jenny Street campaign:

   a) Relocate Jenifer Street Market to a location over 0.5 miles from the current location (2038 Jenifer Street, Madison, WI).

   b) Change ownership by way of removing any current owners

6. Circumstances under which a 90% refund will be offered to donors:

   a) The money has not been delivered to Jenifer Street Market by January 1, 2022.

   b) There is no reason to continue to hold the funds, as determined by a majority vote of the SASY BDA board.

   c) Jenifer Street Market informs the SASY BDA board in writing that it will not accept the funds.

   d) Jenifer Street Market violates their agreement as described above.

7. In any of the circumstances described in section 6 above, the SASY BDA will:

   a) Post on its website ( that the funds are available for return upon request.

   b) Post on its Facebook page ( that the funds are available for return upon request.

   c) Attempt to contact by email each donor for whom an email address was collected at the time of donation. One email message will be sent on the same day that the post to the website and the post to the Facebook page are made.

   d) Wait 90 days from the date of notification by website, Facebook, and email (where applicable) before transferring the funds into the general fund of the SASY BDA. After 90 days, no donated funds will be eligible for refund.

   e) Issue requested refunds within 30 days of the closure of the 90-day refund window. 

   f) Example: On 1/1/2022 the money has not been delivered to Jenifer Street Market. On 1/1/2022 SASY BDA will email donors (where applicable), and post on its website and Facebook page that refunds of donations are available, and that donors will have until Friday, April 1, 2022 to submit a request for a refund by emailing from the email address associated with their donation. If no email address is associated with the donation, a receipt or check image must be provided. Requests will be accepted through April 1, 2022. All funds with a valid request for return will be returned by Sunday, May 1, 2022.

8. Your responsibilities for receiving a refund of your donation:

   a) If you donate by PayPal, you must use an email address that you will have access to in order to request your funds be returned to you. We will only return funds if the email request originates from an email we have on file.

   b) If you donate by cash or check, you must keep your receipt or an image of your check. 

   c) You must request the donation within the 90-day window of donations being offered back. While SASY BDA may employ other means of attempting to contact you, SASY BDA does not agree to do so by any means not listed above; namely, by posting on our website, by posting on our facebook page, and by emailing you if we have your email address. If you do not request the donation be returned to you your donation will be placed in the general fund of SASY BDA after the 90-day window closes. To request a refund, you must submit your request in writing by emailing from the email address used to place the donation or provide supporting documentation as described above.

9. SASY BDA's rights and responsibilities to you:

   a) SASY BDA will maintain an accurate ledger of donations, including names and email addresses, for a period of 5 years.

   b) SASY BDA will inform you of when your donation is eligible for return as described above.

   c) SASY BDA will not write checks or otherwise distribute funds to persons or entities of a different name than the original donor, except in the case of a legal name change with accompanying documentation.

   d) SASY BDA may share your information in compliance with a request from law enforcement.

   e) SASY BDA may use your information for our everyday business purposes or to solicit further donations from you.

   f) SASY BDA will not share your information with other entities with the exception of the SASY Neighborhood Association upon a reasonable request from that organization (reasonable as determined by a majority vote by the SASY BDA board of directors).

   g) SASY BDA will keep donated funds in an insured account, either federally insured or otherwise.

   h) SASY BDA does not agree to return any amount greater than 90% of the original qualifying donation, regardless of the amount donated, without providing a written exception at the time of donation. We will never make a verbal commitment to return greater than 90% of a donation.

10. Your rights:

   a) Any premiums offered in exchange for your donation are yours to keep regardless of whether the funds are used or refunded. You will never be asked to reimburse SASY BDA or the Jenifer Street Market for any costs associated with any premium.

   b) You may contact us at any time by emailing to request a status update. An update will be provided upon request within 14 days.

   c) If you wish to change the fund to which you are donating (Support Jenny Street campaign or SASY BDA General Fund), you may do so within 7 days of making your donation by emailing us at

11. Limitation of liability

SASY BDA cannot predict the outcome of the Jenifer Street Market campaign, the receivership process, or the relocation of Jenifer Street Market and makes no express or implied promise related to any outcome other than as described above. You agree to hold SASY BDA harmless in any negative circumstance experienced by you, directly or indirectly, as a result of your participation in this campaign, your donation, or your knowledge of SASY BDA or the Support Jenny Street campaign; including but not limited to: personal injury, emotional or physical distress, financial hardship, and relational difficulties.


© 2019 SAFER

SAFER has applied for 501(c)(4) non-profit status with the IRS. Donations made to this organization are not deductible.

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