The Support Jenny Street campaign has ended. The funds we raised, in excess of $68,000, were able to be used in the final round of bidding for the property. The building that the market is in is now owned by the market and it will remain a cornerstone of our neighborhood!

Total Raised:  $68,330




Bunky's is hosting a special fundraising brunch on Sunday, January 19th. Tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets today!




The SASY Business Development Association was founded in response to the potential loss, by Jenifer Street Market, of the building they have operated in for nearly four decades. Jenifer Street Market has been a highly valued local grocery since the early 1980s, and the building has been home to grocery businesses since it was built in 1948.  The sale of the adjacent Schoep’s Ice Cream company which owns 2038 Jenifer Street, put the future of JSM in jeopardy. Many neighbors and long-time customers of the market wanted to help but didn't know how. This initiative was originally meant to focus solely on the future of “Jenny Street,” but as we continued to talk about the common challenges faced by our business community, it became apparent that we needed a permanent way to mobilize neighbors and businesses around our cherished local businesses in their times of greatest need. 

While today the only way that we can help is with our dollars, our dream is to transform this organization into a place where we can come together to volunteer more than just our money, but also our time and our talents in direct partnership with local businesses.

​To achieve that goal, we have partnered closely with the SASY Neighborhood Association. Working in cooperation with SASY NA our mission is to identify challenges that threaten our business community and organize the residents of the SASY neighborhood to meet those challenges. The SASY Business Association is not a committee of or otherwise formally affiliated with the SASY Neighborhood Association.


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